All the Byzantines

Photographed all of the Byzantines.  Here they all are in a single pic, individual units pictured below.

The Crusader cav – two units of 12 with the LBM shield transfers are newly painted.  All the rest I’ve had for sometime, but rebased for use in SAGA.


This guy is wearing purple.  He must think he’s the emperor or something.


He likes to be surrounded by these guys.  Makes him feel safe.  Old Glory Clibanophoroi.


The printed banner is by LBM.  The big sacred banner is painted by hand on linen.  Beautiful.  I wish I could take credit for it by I commissioned a pro painter, Scott Morris to paint it.  He did a fantastic job don’t you think?


Here are a couple of units of infantry.  In SAGA you have to put units together with the same equipment, so for it, it would be 3 units, 2 of spears and 1 of archers.  The figures are Old Glory based on Barker’s fantasies about what soldiers were equipped with.  Nice sculpts and I do quite like the figures.




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