Captain Ketchum

I love this vignette from Redoubt.  For gaming, it’s way too big for anything we do with battery commanders, but it plays to my weakness of really cool figures so there it is.  The base size is what we normally use for division or corps commanders.


Here’s a bigger version of the same pic.  (Believe it or not, when it’s inserted inline it looks smaller but if you click on it you’ll get a bigger pic than if you click on the one above.  I’m still trying to figure this out….)


Captain Ketchum commanded a battery in Preston Pond’s brigade at Shiloh.  I haven’t done much work on figuring out what they actually did at Shiloh – I just needed a battery.


They had 4 6 lb smoothbores and 2 12 lb howitzers.  That seems to have been pretty much the standard equipment for batteries in the Army of the Mississippi at Shiloh.


Not sure whether they had one of the early pattern Bragg flags but that’s what I gave them.  Information about flags is tough to come by.  I’ll be saying more about them as I show more units from Pond’s brigade.


More soon, I imagine.


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