Texas is here!

I can’t claim credit for these.  My friend Joe painted them and based them.  He did a nice job don’t you think.  He’s working on some more, and on dismounts.  We’re gearing up for Longstreet and starting forces in Longstreet include a regiment of 8 stands of cavalry.  There are 10 here and with the others Joe is working on I should have enough for two such regiments.


The brigade I’m roughly modeling on is Preston Pond’s brigade at Shiloh, in Ruggles’ division, in Bragg’s corps.  The brigade had no attached cavalry.  There was a regiment of Alabama cavalry attached to Bragg’s corps and although I know what the flag for them looked like, no one makes one.  There was a smaller regiment of cavalry attached to Ruggles’ division, also from Alabama.  I don’t know what the flag for them looked like.

I liked this flag from Adolfo Ramos, so am going with Texans for my first regiment.


You can order the flag already mounted like that and I did.  Nice service.

Looking forward to the dismounts and starting to see my Longstreet force coming together.  I should have some infantry to add soon.


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