A lot of Gaul

I did these a long time ago.  The figures are the armored gallic/celtic cav from A&A miniatures and the shield transfers are from LBMS.


I keep thinking I want to do more of them and then never quite get to them.  I’d like to do some that are unarmored also.  The armor is easy to paint and the tunics with a lot of patterns would be a challenge.  Maybe that is holding me back.

I quite like the command stand:Image

I gave them all striped pants because they are the command stand.  A friend of mine who does a really nice job producing irregulars like these once gave me a tip that for patterned clothes, about 1 figure in 3 is right.  It’s a lot of work to do everyone, and if every one has a pattern the unit can look too busy.  There’s truth in that.


I particularly like the horse sculpting on these figures.

Here’s a couple of shots showing more of the whole unit.



And finally one sized for the Steve Dean forum.



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