Some Louisiana boys

Finally, some ACW infantry completed.  I have some more figures painted but the bases aren’t done.  Soon for them hopefully.

First up is the 18th Louisiana.


There is some conjecture and some fact behind how I chose to depict it.  Silas Grisamore claimed they were fired on by fellow Southerners at Shiloh because 2 of their companies were still wearing blue coats.  So I depicted one stand in blue coats.

For the rest, it seems likely that they had the long version of the Louisiana commutation system coats.  Later these coats would be issued as shell jackets, but earlier they produced frock coats.  So I chose frock coats for the whole outfit.  The shade is described as blue gray.  It may have been a lot darker than this, but not sure.

I’ve read that they carried a Pelican flag, but without a firm source, I’m not sure.  Still I decided to give them one.  Here’s a little closer picture of the flag produced by Adolfo Ramos.  I ordered a completed flag and he sent it to me mounted on the pole with the tassle.  I might not go for the tassle, but it looks nice.



And here they all are in front of the log cabin.    The log cabin is actually an eastern front World War 2 item from 1st corps.  But it’s fairly convincing as a Civil War log cabin you might encounter in rural Tennessee.  Tim Spakowski painted it for me and he did a really fantastic job.


And also the 16th Louisiana.


I also went for the gray frock coat for these lads.  Not sure what the flag they carried at Shiloh was actually but every surviving flag from this regiment is a first national flag.  I went with a very early version with the 7 seven stars.  They had marched through mud for a few days before the battle of Shiloh so I depicted everyone with mud on the bottom of the trousers.


This flag is by GMB designs.  The figures are Redoubt but there might be some Steve Barber heads mixed in.



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