A small unit, just 2 stands, of Texans.


One odd thing about gaming the civil war, is that unless you’re using about a 1:10 figure ratio, you’ll end up with some really small units.  This unit represents the 9th Texas in Anderson’s brigade at Shiloh.   There were only around 200 men present and with our rough 100 man stand kind of sizing that leaves a unit with only a couple of stands.  Of course when you get a bunch of small units together you get a lot more flags, so there is an upside.

I’m not sure why I need to paint Texans.  When I first began painting ACW figs a long time ago, I think I started with the Texas brigade.  Having some figs exceeding the one brigade I intended to paint at this time (Pond’s brigade), I decided to finish off into a second brigade in the same division (Anderson’s brigade).  There was this unit of Texans there, so I ordered a few Texas heads from Redoubt and here you have it.  All of these figures are by Redoubt.


I’m not done with Pond’s brigade.  The Crescent regiment should be rolling off the line this weekend.  But I snuck this one in just to have a unit done.  I have enough lead to do the 1st Florida and 17th Louisiana from Anderson’s brigade.  And I have to paint a company of the Washington Artillery.

And I got my hands on some additional flags so was able to put flags on my dismounted cav.  Here’s a shot of them:




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