5th Company, Washington Artillery

Newly arrived in camp, the 5th Company, Washington Artillery.  This battery was assigned to Anderson’s brigade at Shiloh and was equipped with a pair of 6lb “James” rifles, a pair of 6lb smoothbores, and a pair of howitzers.


They entered the battle at Shiloh still wearing their blue coats.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read of units going into battle there in blue coats and then reversing them so the gray lining was showing in order not to be confused with Union soldiers.  I’m pretty skeptical about all of these.  But in this particular instance, I believe it, because I found a unit history where the author has been in the memoirs of men in the unit and is quoting a specific memoir and naming the officer who ordered the switch, after the battle had already started.

Still, they are beautiful in their blue with their red kepis:


Now if someone made figures of artillerists changing their coats around, I’d have to paint them.  I wonder what an inside out shell jacket would look like?



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