Carolingian Hearthguard

This is the beginning of a Carolingian force for SAGA.


I’ve had my eye on these figures by Artizan for a long time.  Until now, I couldn’t find any good reason to buy them.  I imagined they would be kind of big and not look too good on FoG standard bases, and I wasn’t sure the army would be that interesting in FoG anyway.  But now with SAGA skirmish, I can put them on a decent sized base (these are 1″x2″), they won’t be crowded, and the Franks are an interesting faction in SAGA.


The figures are beautiful but not without issue.  The riders are awesome, but the horses are a little weak in the legs.  Not sure why, but perhaps it’s a change in materials that are being used for the casting.  I’m not sure it shows up in these photos, but at least a couple of the horses in this batch (I have 3 more on their painting bottles) have legs bent in odd ways underneath the horse.  It wasn’t clear to me how to bend them back, but at least one of them got that way when I was cleaning up the casting as I felt it bend.


The riders are awesome though and there is a lot of variety in what is offered.

This is my first attempt to photograph against a white background and it didn’t work so well, actually.  Need to figure out how to do that better.



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