Crescent Regiment

One of the two big (7 stand) regiments in Pond’s brigade.  The Crescent Regiment was a 90 day regiment.   I guess 7 stand regiments are impressive looking.


They entered the Battle of Shiloh with 700 men.  Two uniforms survive from the battle, although their owners did not.  One is a gray frock coat with yellow piping on the sleeves, collar, and down the front of the coat.  Light blue trousers with a yellow pipe down the outer seem.  The other is a commutation shell jacket, dark gray, with no adornments.  I’ve depicted the unit in a mix of these two uniforms.


The other 7 stand regiment in the brigade is 38th Tennessee.  They are on the painting table now.  But next up will be the Orleans Guard Battalion.  I’ve had the figures painted for awhile but now I’m very pleased to have the flag of that battalion courtesy of Iain at Flags of War.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures up of that in a couple of days. 

Figures by Redoubt with some Steve Barber heads mixed in.


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