Orleans Guard Battalion

Another 90 day regiment in Pond’s brigade at Shiloh.


Photography is a wonderful thing.  I need better light.  The interesting bit about this picture is that the blue is much lighter than it appears on the figure.  I haven’t noticed a lot of color shift before, but this is noticable.  On the figures, in the room, you can tell they are blue, but they really look close to black.

I’m not sure about the uniforms.  They wore blue with red facings but I don’t know if they should be in frock coats, or shell jackets.  I depicted them in frock coats, thinking that might be a safer bet.


Iain at Flags of War came through with a flag for these guys.  I contacted the Confederate Museum in New Orleans and they described the flag these guys carried.  I had read they had it on display last year for the 150th of Shiloh.  The original is small (36×42 I think) but I like the look of oversized flags so this fits perfectly.  On my other blog (http://battleoframillies.wordpress.com) I’d mentioned that Iain is doing a range of flags for Dutch in the War of Spanish Succession (woot!).  When talking to him about that, I asked if he could do a flag for these guys and he did!  You can now order it from his website (http://www.flagsofwar.com/).  It’s a very nice flag!

I’ve had the figs painted for awhile and now it’s nice to have them with their proper flag.



One thought on “Orleans Guard Battalion

  1. Adam Warne

    outstanding work and very inspiring ….so much so that I have ordered sufficient figures from crusader miniatures to portray my own Orleans Guard Battalion, going so far as to order the correct flags you mentioned from flags of war!


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