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38th Tennessee

This finished Preston Pond’s brigade at Shiloh.


If you scroll down you’ll see a pic of the whole brigade – 25 stands of infantry plus the guns.  Not enough for a starting out brigade for Longstreet still, but I made them really for the way we base ACW in the rest of the collection – 1 stand is rougly 100 men.

I’m unsure about what these actually looked like.  I read that early in the war troops from Tennessee were equipped with frock coats and either light blue or black facings.  I went with the light blue.  And I mixed in a few guys with shell jackets.  Redoubt packs a head pack called Tennessee heads that are guys with straw hats.  They look kind of nice so I used several of them.  There are also heads from Steve Barber mixed in.  If you look closely there is one guy with a wee tiny head – that’s from Perry.


Not a bad lot.

I’ve now painted 100+ Redoubt ACW figures.  I like them a lot, but it’s not without reservations.  On the plus side there is a lot of flexibility in what you can put together and the sculpting is really nice.  On the down side there is putting together – the guys with frock coats in RSS need both a head and the arm with gun attached to the body – and the casting isn’t that clean.  There’s a lot of work getting off some of the casting lines sometimes leading to wiping out the nice sculpting.  I would keep using them if I did a lot more, but it would be really nice if the casting was better.

Here’s another shot of Pond’s whole brigade:


You’ve seen a couple of units of Anderson’s brigade go by.  I had leftover figures so did them and now I’ve ordered enough lead to finish that brigade.  It’s a lot smaller, but still a fair amount of work to finish up.



Pond’s brigade

More details later, but Pond’s brigade is done.


In the front rank from left to right as we look at them: the Orleans Guard Battalion, the 16th Louisiana, Ketchum’s battery, the 18th Louisiana.

In the back rank: the 38th Tennessee and the Crescent Regiment.



Snipers can be very effective in Chain of Command, so my Soviets needed some.  Here are a couple.  One for urban warfare:


And one for everywhere else:


I think the figures are from Black Tree Design but I’m not sure.  They are in my box of unpainted figures.  The camo is pretty easy to paint.  I tried applying weathering to them in the same way I had done it to the German in field gray.  You can see it more against a solid color so it looks better there.  Here, it does make the figure look dusty, but doesn’t show up that clearly as dust.


And it doesn’t make much difference if its the green ground either.



Chain of Command Jumping Off Point

I’m hooked on Chain of Command.  I haven’t played a game in quite a long time that I want to play again as much as this one.  I’ve been trying to beat my friend’s German PanzerGrenadiers with Soviet infantry and getting creamed every time and still want to play again.  It’s a great game,  with great concepts, and very addictive.

So, I want to do Stalingrad with it, and I’ve started working on some stuff.  Here’s an experiment for an urban German jumping off point.


So, I’m not sure I actually want a figure on the jumping off point, but maybe.  This allowed me to experiment with a bunch of stuff though.

First, the figure.  I wanted to have a bash at what Field Gray should look like.  This was a figure I wasn’t really planning to use for anything else so I picked it.  I think it’s by Crusader.  Nice sculpting but I’m not quite sure what he’s supposed to be.  He seems to be an officer but there are no shoulder boards.  So I thought maybe it’s supposed to be the reed green fatigue uniform, but that didn’t have pockets, I don’t think.  So, not sure.  But the Field Gray looks good I think.  It’s from the Andrea Paint Set for Field Gray.  There are 6 bottles of paint.  I think that will allow me to do two different triads of slightly different tones of Field Gray and that will work out fine.  I can make up a third set from Vallejos to get a more yellowish green version also.  Sounds like good variety in field gray.


Second, some terrain stuff.  I got the rubble from Precision Model Designs.  I think it was part of one of their sets.  I’m not that excited about their stuff, but the rubble worked out nicely.  I painted it with Foundry terracotta and then dragged a little bit of Citadel Longbeard Gray and it produced a nice brick color.

I’m not that keen on the ground cover though.  It works pretty well for units I do for other stuff but doesn’t have enough texture for a base like this.  Next time I’ll just build up the base and then cover it with sand.

I spread some Citadel Astrogranite on and around the bricks and then highlighted that with Longbeard gray and that gave a nice effect of mortar patches still stuck to the bricks.


Third, and what I’m most pleased with, the weathering.

I used some weathering effects that are normally used on tanks to weather both the officer and the bricks.  It turned out splendidly I think.  It’s not very much additional work and gives a result to the figure of a having spent a fair bit of time in the dust and dirt.  I used the enamel washes from AK Interactive and dabbed on a little additional acrylic paint for concentrated dust in a few places.  I’ll be doing that for all these guys.