38th Tennessee

This finished Preston Pond’s brigade at Shiloh.


If you scroll down you’ll see a pic of the whole brigade – 25 stands of infantry plus the guns.  Not enough for a starting out brigade for Longstreet still, but I made them really for the way we base ACW in the rest of the collection – 1 stand is rougly 100 men.

I’m unsure about what these actually looked like.  I read that early in the war troops from Tennessee were equipped with frock coats and either light blue or black facings.  I went with the light blue.  And I mixed in a few guys with shell jackets.  Redoubt packs a head pack called Tennessee heads that are guys with straw hats.  They look kind of nice so I used several of them.  There are also heads from Steve Barber mixed in.  If you look closely there is one guy with a wee tiny head – that’s from Perry.


Not a bad lot.

I’ve now painted 100+ Redoubt ACW figures.  I like them a lot, but it’s not without reservations.  On the plus side there is a lot of flexibility in what you can put together and the sculpting is really nice.  On the down side there is putting together – the guys with frock coats in RSS need both a head and the arm with gun attached to the body – and the casting isn’t that clean.  There’s a lot of work getting off some of the casting lines sometimes leading to wiping out the nice sculpting.  I would keep using them if I did a lot more, but it would be really nice if the casting was better.

Here’s another shot of Pond’s whole brigade:


You’ve seen a couple of units of Anderson’s brigade go by.  I had leftover figures so did them and now I’ve ordered enough lead to finish that brigade.  It’s a lot smaller, but still a fair amount of work to finish up.



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