I’ve been mostly gone for the last month due to work.  Looking forward to getting back to the painting table.  In my brief intervals at home I’ve been working on some Warlord plastic Soviets.  This is my third attempt at plastics.  They are a bit frustrating overall.  I’ll give some specific comments on the Warlord Soviet set when I have some pictures to show, hopefully within a week.

My first experience at plastics was a total wipeout.  I got a box of Warlord plastic brits to use as Poles in ’44.  After 2 figs I was done.  It took forever to put them together and they didn’t really fit together, and I built up a pile of broken parts getting there.  I just gave the rest of the box to a friend.  Hopefully he can make something out of them.

When we started our Longstreet force building this summer I got a box of Perry plastic ACW cav.  The experience with them was much better.  Easy to put together, fit naturally and well, clean with no broken parts.  I’m not that keen on the look of them – I generally don’t like the look of much of what the Perrys sculpt – but the detail was impressive, especially on the horses.   And, the horses were some of the best horse sculpts I’ve ever seen.  Sadly, compared to the rest of the stuff we already have, they were Huuuuuge.  So I sold them without painting them.

This set of Warlord plastic Soviets go together ok, not as bad as the Brits, not as easy as the Perrys.  On the upside the detail is nice.  In general it’s not a lot better than metals, but the rifles with bayonets in particular are very believable as they aren’t sculpted into the body and the bayonets are long and thin.  But there is a lot of cleanup required.  Mold lines, though small, show up much more and I spent a lot of time paring things off.  And the visible air holes (I guess?) are annoying.  They are mostly small enough to be disguised with paint, but really.

I’ll say more about them soon but just wanted to capture a few thoughts while I was thinking about it.


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