And now for something completely different!


I can’t help but hear, “Spam, spam, spam, spam…” in my head.  These have been on my painting table for a long time.  Took the opportunity to finish them up recently.  They’re nice figs from Crusader.  The LBMS transfers really set off what is otherwise a fairly hasty paint job.  The transfers are for Saxons I think?  I don’t remember but I think I ordered Saxon shields and Saxon transfers.  They are believable as Vikings.

I got these to use as a few possible different things in SAGA – Harald’s Varangians in a Byzantine army (though I think I’d really like to have the armored up Varangians Crusader makes for that), additional Pagan Rus, or the Sons of Death mercenaries.

Still struggling with photographing on a white background:




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