1st Florida

Another wee reb unit.  The 1st Florida had 250 men at Shiloh.  I could have painted them with three stands or two.  I opted for two.


I suspect they should have a Bragg flag but I ran out of those.  I actually have 3 more but I have 3 more units to do which definitely need Bragg flags.  And as this is a fairly generic stand, I could replace it with one with a Bragg flag at some point in the future if I start doing units from Breckenridge’s command.


Figures by Redoubt again.  The three units I have left to do are Clack’s battalion, the 17th Louisiana, and the 20th Lousiana.  That will complete Anderson’s brigade.  The 20th Louisiana is an interesting unit as it is mostly made up of Prussians.



2 thoughts on “1st Florida

    1. wssguy1706 Post author

      Bragg flag is a Bragg pattern flag. There were two versions, an early version and a late one. This is the early version which some (most?) of the units in his corps carried at Shiloh.


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