Equites Singulares Then and Now

The first miniature army I painted was Early Imperial Roman with Hinchcliffe Romans.  At least I think they were Hinchcliffe.  It was a very long time ago.  I still have that army.   I had 6 figures of Equites Singulares, Reg A, HC, JLS, Sh.  Remember them?  I remember them being ridden over pretty easily by some Byzantine Reg B, HC, L, B, Hand Grenades and Automatic Weapons regularly.  I’m doing the unit again.  Here are a couple of stands new and old side-by-side.


I’m also going to do some new and old shots of legionaries.  I’m more proud of the legionaries than I am of this unit.  It was fine.

But what a long way we’ve come!  The figs on the left are Aventine miniatures of course.  Here are some more shots of them:


Gorgeous, aren’t they?  I bought a unit pack of 12 figs.  As soon as I saw them I thought, I’ll paint 24, or maybe 27 (so I could use them as two units of 12, or a single unit of 24 with 1 command stand).  I’ve calmed down a bit since then.  There are a lot of details to paint on these guys.  And painting the leather pteruges is pretty tedious.  I’ll finish the 12 but doubt I’ll do more.  I think these are the nicest figures I’ve ever painted.  There are some nice foot figs too.


The shields and the standard are courtesy of Little Big Men Studios of course.  What did we do before them?  There is no way I’d do this unit without transfers from them now.  Probably no way I’d do an EIR army.  I can’t paint shields like that, and whatever effort I made to come close would be titantic.

Here they are from behind:


I haven’t finished the bases because I’m not sure I’m going to stick with this basing.  It’s three on a 60mm frontage – WRG style.  I think the time for that has passed.  The command figs fit no prob but I had to use a fairly deep base (50mm) to get the soldiers in that frontage by staggering them back.  Not sure what I’m going to use them for, so I may switch to a wider frontage.

And I continue to struggle mightily with photography….




One thought on “Equites Singulares Then and Now

  1. Simon

    They look excellent.

    I stick all my cavalry on 60mm deep bases these days; accommodates the larger figure, and enables me to stagger the frontage, which looks more dynamic IMHO.


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