My other limber

Recently delivered, painted by my friend Joe.


One of the guys in our group came up with the idea of using the number of horses in the limber to represent the number of guns in the battery until it’s deployed.  So, here you see it configured for 6 horses, and now configured for 4 horses.


It’s really just an extra base with 2 more limber horses on it.  But it has a hidden bite.  The guy who makes our bases for us, George bases, suggested cutting a notch in the bases and using one of those micro magnets in each of the notches.  That way, the bases would mostly stick together as you’re moving them around the table.  And, short of lifting them up, that does happen.

I’ve mentioned this before, but took the opportunity to photograph the specifics this time. Here are the limbers before finishing the bases with cover and paint.


One thing to be careful of is making sure you install the magnets with the right polarity.  On this particular stand, one of them is a little off, and it actually lifts one of the bases just a little when I put them together!

This is a photo of about as close as you can get them without them pulling into each other.


Neat idea, that.



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