This year is shaping up to be a WW2 year for me.  At least for a little while and I get distracted by something else – distractions from my distractions.

I’m doing some Mark IIIJs for 1942, leading up to Stalingrad mostly.  I’d like to have a set of them for 24th Panzer.  There are some nice pics of tanks from that division.  I’ll need to bash up a storage box for the rear deck as they all seem to have that.

For now, I’ve ordered the 4 Mk IIIJs that are available in 28mm and here’s some comparison pics.It took a long time to get the models from Warlord and JTFM so I started on the other two already.  But there’s a lot of work left to do to them.


From left to right they are Company B, Blitzkrieg, Warlord, JTFM.  As you can see from the pic the Blitzkrieg model is considerably smaller than the others.  I would say 1/56th must be experiencing some scale creep but I think the Company B and JTFM models have been available for some time.

Here’s side views:


Company B, Blitzkrieg, and Warlord then


Blitzkrieg, Warlord and JTFM.

And to show the size difference again, here’s a top view of the Blitzkrieg and Warlord models


The JTFM, Company B, and Warlord are all pretty much the same size and I got lazy about lining up the side-by-side pics.

So, how do they stack up?

Blitzkrieg – this is very clean and since the tracks are cast onto the hull a breeze to put together.  As you’ll note from the pics it’s smaller than all the others.

Warlord – I really dislike this model.  It lacks a mounting for the aerial and I’m probably going to be too lazy to make one.  As you can tell from a couple of the pics, it goes together kind of clunky.  They cast the tracks together with the fenders and you glue the whole thing to the model.  I worked at it a bit to get it smooth, but even using a pair of clamps when I glued it you can see that there is a gap between that assembly and the body.  It’s a resin kit with metal parts and the metal parts were covered with vent flash, at least I think that’s what those stringy little things are called.  I had to fill some holes in the resin too.  Hopefully it took and I won’t have to do it again after I’ve started painting.

My two favorites are Company B and JTFM.  The Company B model looks a little funny on the picture looking at its side view, but it will be fine when I assemble it finally.  The tracks are metal and I haven’t glue them to the model yet.  I’ll finish them separately, mud up under the fenders, and then glue them on.  They look elevated because there is blue tack holding them in place for the picture.  I really like the way they did the metal tracks that go on separately because it allows me to finish the model in parts, and it gives a nice heft to the model when you lift it.

And I love the JTFM one.  I should have finished the tracks for it separately too but I went ahead and glued them on.  It’s very nicely cast.  If you do 28mm tank models you REALLY SHOULD get the accessory packs from JTFM.  It has a lot of stowage goodies: a couple of different kinds of tracks, gas cans, stowage rolls, and some nice wire tow cables.  I put some of the spare tracks on the front of the JTFM model and on the front of the Warlord model. Both the JTFM model and the Company B model can be built with either a long or short 50mm gun.

I’m looking forward to getting these all done.



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