These guys are so cool.  But I really don’t want to do a whole platoon of them, do I?


I picked up this book on painting German World War 2 guys called Painting War.  There’s a great video review of it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFlFNPDn-uU.  He describes methods for painting several German camo uniforms.  I wanted to do splinter, so I grabbed a pack of Bolt Action Fallschirmjager support troops.  It includes 3 teams: the schrek team pictured above, a sniper team, and a flamethrower team.

Here are the snipers:


These are all really, really excellent sculpts.  I really don’t want to do a whole platoon of them, do I?

I would use them for Chain of Command, except that, really, I don’t want to do a whole platoon.  The methods that Painting War lays out are really easy to follow.  Using the method for the jump suit made it really easy to paint.  There are three chunks of uniform to paint though, and then the raindrops, so it takes a bit, but it’s not really difficult.  The most difficult thing I found painting these, and it’s true of all German WW2 figs, is all the other gear they are carrying around with them.  You want to put a little bit of variety to it, and there are quite a few bits, so that gets a little tiring.

These are great sculpts.  I believe Paul Hicks sculpted all of these.  Here’s the flamethrower team:


I didn’t do a great job painting the face of the assistant, so I’m showing you the rear view.  But I’ll post a few more pics at the end.  In Chain of Command the panzershreck team is part of the platoon’s regular order of battle.  But the other two team would be support options, so no guarantee you’d be able to use them in any given game.  The Fallschirmjager are real bad ass troops and Chain of Command reflects that – elite, an extra command die, and like the panzergrenadiers loaded up with firepower.  I really don’t want to do a whole platoon of them, do I?

Here are a few more pics:






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