Clack’s Battalion

Also known as the Confederate Guards Response Battalion.


Another Louisiana regiment in Anderson’s brigade at Shiloh.  It only mustered around 170 men at the battle, so again warrants only a couple of stands.


I’m not terribly certain about the uniforms.  In Daniel’s book on Shiloh he says they wore light blue uniforms but his footnote to an eyewitness describing the brigade deployed says Clack’s battalion was recognizable because of its “light uniforms.”  So I chose to just give them a medium gray coat – that will be noticeably lighter than all the other regiments in the brigade.  I gave them black facings on the coat and black stripes on the pants as that was pretty common in the Army of the Mississippi at the time.


I only have about 24 more figs to paint to be done with Anderson’s brigade.  I’m fairly resolved to get through that and be done with ACW stuff for awhile.  We’ll see.



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