More German armor

Here are the other two late war German pieces I finished, a Jagdpanzer iv and a 250/1 Neu.  Both are from Warlord Games.  I like the Jagdpanzer iv quite a bit although I didn’t really do much to it.


It’s basically glued together, painted, decaled, and weathered.  It’s a pretty easy job.  Now that I’ve done one I would like to do another, although I’m not sure I will.  The kit comes with shurzen.  I left them off but it would probably look cool with them on.  Now that I know a little more about putting them together, maybe I’ll do one with them on.  Not sure.


It’s kind of odd looking in a cool way.  I’ve always been fond of it for some reason.

I also put together the Warlord 250/1 Neu.  I’m less fond of this model than the others but again, it’s one I might want to do another of.  The kit is pretty basic and goes together easily enough.  It comes with a gunner who fits really nicely.  He has a base cast on though which strikes me as odd.


This model would lend itself well to a lot of additional work.  If I were to do it again, I’d add a lot of stowage, figure out what to do about those license plate numbers and perhaps some other markings.  Again these models don’t show mud and dirt all that well because of the camo scheme, but you can see where I splattered some mud up on the rear of this.  I might have overdone it a little.




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