This is my favorite tank.  I guess it’s a lot of folks favorite tank.  It is also the first 1/56th scale tank I’ve done completely myself.  It’s not too bad, and I’ve learned a lot by doing it.  I have a couple of others done that I’ll post too.


It’s a warlord panther A with zimmerit.  It’s roughly based on something from 12th ss in Normandy.  I got a decal sheet but the decals mostly didn’t take and I ended up using archer transfers.  It’s not too bad.  The two 12th ss decals on the front and back are almost eligible – I wish I had used archer transfers for those.  I used archer transfers for the numbers and those are great I think.


Most of the good ideas for this came from Boycie on the Steve Dean forum in this thread:  I haven’t done it nearly as well as he did, but it’s not a bad start I think.  I’m tempted to do a group of Panthers from 1/24 in Normandy – they have a very distinct look.  I am really torn between continuing to do 1/56th resin wargaming models and 1/48th plastic kits.  There seems to be a lot more available in 1/56th so I’ll stick with that probably, but I wonder.


One of the interesting things about doing a Normandy German tank is that you can put whatever kind of mud weathering on it, and it’s not going to show up all that well.  If you click on the rear view picture you’ll see about as much of the mud as you’re going to see and it’s not much.  And it’s not nearly that visible in real life.



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