Achtung Louisiana!

I’m not sure “attention” was part of the drill manual in the civil war, but whatever the instructions were, some of these soldiers probably would have had them in German.


The 20th Louisiana was interesting in that about 2/3rd of the men in the regiment at Shiloh were German speakers.  So I would be guessing their company officers and ncos might relay orders in German.  Certainly in the heat of battle I’m sure a lot of German would have been flying around.

I really have no idea what they should have looked like.  I could find no info.  So I went with the typical Lousiana issued frock coat.  And I gave them a Bragg flag.  I’m also uncertain about that.

This is the 2nd to last regiment I need to finish to put a cap on my ACW Shiloh project, for now at least.


I’m very tempted to paint up Gibson’s brigade in order to have one full division from Shiloh.  But it’s about 25 stands and 100 figures is a lot for me on this right now as I have so many other distractions clamoring for my attention.  One cool thing about Gibson’s brigade is that there would be a unit with a few stands of Zouaves and everyone needs some Zouaves in their collection, no?


All I have left to paint to complete Anderson’s brigade is the 17th Louisiana.  They are primed but it will be awhile before I can finish them off.


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