It’s good to be finished with a project.


These are the 17th Louisiana at Shiloh.  Well, they could be any rebs I suppose.  I couldn’t find any particular info on the unit.  I gave them a Bragg flag because they were in Bragg’s second grand division when he took command.  So it seems reasonable that they would have one of the flags he issued.


And this complete’s Anderson’s brigade.  So I have done Pond’s brigade and Anderson’s brigade from Ruggle’s division of Bragg’s corps at Shiloh.  I’d like to do Gibson’s brigade to complete the division, but that’s another 100 figs.  I don’t have that in me right now.  It would be cool as there are a few companies of Zouaves there.  Maybe I’ll get back to this some day.


For now, I’m turning my attention to World War 2 with Chain of Command.  Yanks coming soon!



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