Yanks for Chain of Command started

I actually started these awhile ago but have been waiting to finish them up.  I have quite a few more painted.


That’s Lt. Dewey Evans, the platoon commander.  Check out the nice 90th Infantry Division shoulder patch.  Company B made those for me, and I was waiting to receive them before finishing the guys I have painted.  It was a custom sheet and is not in their catalog, but you can see all the great stuff they make here:


I’m not going to put shoulder patches on all the figs.  In period pictures, not every soldier has one.  I’ll probably put them on half.

Here’s the platoon sergeant, Sgt. Eugene Chambers, exhibiting a strong “Can do!” attitude:



For him I didn’t put on a divisional shoulder patch but did add sergeant stripes decal from the armored infantry sheet from Company B.  I’m not really sure how it would work to have two decals in such close proximity, and for that matter I’m not really sure there’s enough real estate on the arm for both decals.  So, the NCOs may not get divisional patches.

Here’s some firepower from the first squad:


The BAR and assistant with the squad’s sergeant.

Regular infantry doesn’t have an integral mortar in the list for Chain of Command, but armored infantry does, so I put armored infantry shoulder patches on my mortar crew, rather than 90th infantry.  I’m sure I’ll be using mortars in support for the 90th, but if I ever run an armored infantry platoon, I have to have a mortar, hence the choice.


And a close-up of the shoulder patch:


The figures are a mix of Artizan Designs and Crusader.  They go really well together.  I like that the Artizan figures have some guys in shirts and not jackets, but I don’t like that for some of them the rank insignia is cast on.

More to come of course.



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