US Infantry Squad August 1944

Well, that was weird.  Looks like the posting technique on WP has changed.  You may have seen a version of this momentarily on my other blog.  One wonders why software guys insist on changing interfaces.  Oh well.

Here’s what I intended to write about:


The first full squad for my Chain of Command US Rifle Platoon is finished and here they are.  I need two more platoons and a bazooka team to have a full squad.  (The platoon command is already complete).

This platoon is from one of the battalions fighting to close the Falaise Gap at Le Bourg St Leonard and Chambois in August 1944.


They are led by a sergeant, with a BAR team (two guys) and 9 riflemen carrying M1s.  They pack some firepower and will put some hurt on the Germans.

I tried to provide some variety in the uniforms looking at pictures of historic uniforms, reproductions for reenactors, and the Life magazine color photos of the Americans in Normandy.  I hope they are in the realm of the believable.


All of these figures are from Crusader miniatures.  I’m using a mix of Crusader and Artizan but I believe all of these are Crusader.  The way cool division patch decals are from Company B.



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