More Tough Ombres for Chain of Command

I like these figures!


Again these are mostly Crusader.  There are a couple of Artizan figs mixed in.  (I’m still waiting for the bulk of my Artizan figures to arrive).  Although I don’t like messing with decals, what I’ve found is that after putting on about 3 of them I get into a rhythm and the rest are really easy to put on.  And they really set the figures.


This is the second squad of my platoon from the 90th infantry for fighting around Falaise.  I’ll have to make an org chart for them and give all the leaders names.  I started doing that with the company command.  I guess when I finish the last squad I’ll do that.  I didn’t think I would enjoy painting Americans from NW Europe so much, but it’s really great.  I try to make every figure a little bit different within the constraints of what the color palette seems to be.  Painting all the gear they carry around can be a little tedious at the end, but they do look good when they are done.


Next up will be some guys with bazookas.


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