Some support for the riflemen

A pair of .30 cals and a couple of bazookas.


In chain of command the US rifle platoon has a pair of guys with a bazooka.  The .30 cals are support options, as are additional bazookas.  In an armored rifle platoon there is a mg squad with a pair of .30 cals.  So, I’m getting to where I could field either a rifle platoon or an armored rifle platoon with the lead I have.  I’ve marked the riflemen with jackets with the 90th infantry division patch but I’ve left that off these so I could use them with either.



I’m collecting info about the fighting the men of the 90th did around Bourg St Leonard and Chambois.  I’m looking forward to getting them all on the table.  I have 11 more riflemen to paint and I’ll be able to field the rifle platoon.  Soon.

I’ll have to get some tanks and tank destroyers done also.




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