Platoon Finished!

This is the third squad for my Chain of Command US Rifle platoon.  Hopefully I can get a snap of them all together but this was all I could manage for now.


These figs are mostly Artizan.  I *think* there is a Crusader figure or two in here, but maybe not.  Most of these guys have shirts rather than jackets and I really like that about them.

Here’s a close-up of the BAR team.


And the sergeant came out really well,  I managed to get both his stripes and the division patch decal on his arm.  I’d held off trying that on the earlier ones because I wasn’t sure they would fit, or not damage each other when I put them on.  They went on splendidly!  Decals from Company B.


And a partial view from behind.  I can’t wait to get them into a game.


I have a fair amount of additional support for them to paint up still, but I have a playable amount now.



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