Soviet scout squad

In Chain of Command the Soviets can get an elite scout squad as a support option.  It’s a must have.  According to Chain of Command it consists of a junior leader with an smg and two teams each with two smgs and two rifles.  All rated as elite, even as support.


The figures are mostly from the Warlord scout pack but with some BTD snipers to fill out the rifle component of the group.  Nice figures all, although the rifle in the heavy camo suit (kneeling in the foreground on the right) has a badly miscast face.  I just painted a tan sniper kind of mask across it rather than fiddling with trying to fix it.

Soviet camo is pretty easy to paint.  Just do the base color and shade it then add some brown amoebas and highlight them and you’re done.  Here’s a closeup of the leader:


I’m basing all of my Soviets for urban fighting.  I need to get some urban terrain going for them to fight over.  Sounds like a good summer project.

The most interesting figure in the Soviet scout squad pack is this guy:



Now it didn’t really make sense to me why with bullets flying, bombs bursting, and rockets crashing nearby he would be sneaking around with a knife until I realized:


And a close up of the commissar:


Looks like I need to touch up his base a little bit….




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