Dusty Panzer III

I’m working on some German vehicles for 1942 approaching and within the fighting at Stalingrad.  So they will mostly be panzer gray, but dusted up from the trek across country and into the urban fighting.  Here’s my first attempt, a Warlord Panzer IIIJ.


I’m not that keen on the model although it came out okay after the weathering.  Since I didn’t like it that much I didn’t bother with unit insignia and I wish I had put that on now.


I’ve been reading and tring to absorb as much as I can about weathering vehicles and trying things out.  This has four weathering techniques applied.  Before I painted it I stuck some texture on places where I thought there might be built up mud from the road.  This technique is a keeper and I plan to use it on all vehicles I do from now on.   After painting (I used the Lifecolor panzer gray saturation set) I applied some oil washes to bring out details.  This seems like a natural part of doing vehicles these days.  After the rest of this kind of weathering (adding dust) I’m not sure about that step.  The third technique I used was enamels for dust.  I mixed up a couple of humbrol enamels, blew those on with the airbrush, and then brushed some of it off.  That created a nice depth of worn on grime but didn’t give me enough dust effects.  I’ll try skipping this on the next one.  Last was using a bunch of AK interactive enamel effect washes.  These things are magic.  I use them for figures too.  I think I used them a bit too much on this vehicle, but overall, I’m pleased with the result.


That’s an awful pic (I can’t figure out how changing the camera angle seems to change how the thing looks so much) but it does show how much dust I put on the horizontal surfaces.  While I’m sure there would be a lot, I don’t think I’ve got a believable result on that.  Have some ideas about how to do that differently for the next vehicle.


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pack hanging from the back of the turret stowage trunk, but I needed to hide an error in applying the turret number, so there it is.

I’ll probably sell this when I’m done with another couple of these and have done some comparison shots.  Let me know if you might be interested.

And here’s a version to link to for the Steve Dean forum:



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