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Chain of Command late war Aufklarungs platoon

I’m painting up some Late War Germans.  I never thought I’d do this, but I’d like to have my own force to put up against my Americans.  For now, here’s the first squad I have done.


I really need to get a better photo setup.  Everything shifts towards blue and color correcting with the tools on my machine doesn’t really make it better, just different.  When I do, I’ll rephotograph some stuff.

This is the first squad of what will be a platoon, and I’m sure that will be followed with some additional support.  It never ends of course.

I picked these guys because of the cool sturmartillerie wraps the recon platoons wore sometimes.  From my reading it looks like it was regulation to have them, but what was actually worn varied a lot.  So my platoon will be a mix of wraps, field uniforms, with a few zeltbahns too.  And, there will actually be a couple of camo smocks just because I don’t seem to be able to get enough variety without going to a few figs with those.

I’m using a table of organization from KStN 1114c(gp) from June 1, 1944.  This covers both panzergrenadiers and aufklarung units mounted in middle sized halftracks (SdKfz251s).  These guys are supposed to be from the 116th panzer who fought against the 90th US infantry division near Bourg St Leonard and those guys used 251s in the recon rather than 250s.  You can download the KStN from here if you’d like a copy for yourself:

So my Zug will look like this:

Senior leader (being the 1st Zug it will be an officer) with smg

Senior lleader with rifle

3 Gruppen each with:

Junior leader with smg

LMG team 1 with MG42 (2 crew) and a rifleman

LMG team 2 with MG 42 (2 crew) and two riflemen

The groups additional have a driver and assistant driver for each halftrack but they were supposed to stay with their vehicle so I’m not representing them.  I guess I’ll need 4 halftracks – a 251/17 command halftrack (no one makes this in 28mm now) and 3 251/1s.  You have to have everything you know!


Each gruppe should have at least one panzerfaust available, but I’m not sure about how to handle panzerschrecks.   They weren’t part of the official list, but I’m not sure that means they weren’t there.  For now I’m inclined to treat them like a bazooka in a US force – you can detail a couple of guys out to form a team.  It will be an interesting tradeoff to set aside two guys making a squad even more fragile in favor of getting something that can kill any tank it sees.

Given that, what should the force rating for these guys be?  Using the CoC official calculator that Rich has posted in the TFL forum (hopefully this link will get you to the right place:, I make the rating out to be 2 (from adding in a fudge factor for detailing out the shreck).

I’m not sure whether they really should have a second senior leader, the guy with the carbine.  He’s on the chart, but I don’t know whether he stayed with the vehicles or not.

Anyway, that’s where I’m heading and you can see the first gruppe I’ve produced has 8 guys counting the junior leader.  Hopefully I’ll have time this summer to get the rest of them done.  The figures are by Artizan and I absolutely love them.




It was kind of cool building this base:


The figures are by Warlord games from their late war heer artillery observer pack.  The sandbags are from Pegasus I think.  They paint up nicely.  Although there is only one version of the sandbag, just turning them and offsetting them makes them look alright I think.  This is going to be my forward observer stand for late war Germans for chain of command.  It’s a big base and that might be slightly inconvenient but I really wanted the vignette aspect.  That scissored telescope really needs something to look over so a wall of sandbags are perfect for it.


There’s another figure from the bag that I’ve kept separate so I can use it as crew on various things that need extra crew.  I envision this as part of my late war armored recon platoon (more on that in a separate post).