This is a JTFM/Die Waffenkammer T-34/85. This is an awesome model.  I need to get more models from him.  I have a panzer iiij that I’d love to do some work on.  But I got three Shermans from him and those are amazing models.  All of his stuff comes very nicely packaged, goes together very easily, and very minimal cleanup needed.


My second try at a worn winter camouflage and this one cam out much better I think.    You learn a little from each one.


There’s a little more refinement to the toothpaste technique on this one and I was a little more carefree with spraying the brown up onto the model.  I drybrushed the mud to bring out the highlights on the texture a little bit.  I think it all came out pretty well.


The location of the exhausts lends the model to a nice use of pigments there, but that’s the only place I used pigments.  What do you think?



4 thoughts on “T-34/85

  1. John

    Very nice job on the winter camo – something I have been contemplating for some time – inspirational stuff! How do you find the 1/56th vehicles look next to the 28mm figures – I am using BTD for CoC and thy are rather large

    1. wssguy1706 Post author

      I think they are fine together but people’s taste on this question varies quite a lot. Maybe I’ll post up a pic of the figs I use (crusader and artizan mostly) next to some vehicles. Most of my figs are on 3mm (I think?) bases but I have some on flat plastic bases. I’ll put up both, but not really sure there is a lot of difference.


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