And a Stug IIIG

Everyone has to have a Stug IIIG for their late war Germans, right?


This is also by Warlord.  Starting out I wasn’t too optimistic about it either, but I’m really very pleased with it and how it came out.  I clipped off half the side skirts on the right side to give it a bit of a beaten look.  That was really easy to do and it still came together really well.   I don’t know whether late StuGs should have zimmerit.  This model doesn’t.


The markings are pretty minimal but looking at lots of pictures of StuGs it seems like often the markings on them were pretty minimal.  I guess it allows me to use it with any kind of unit I concoct.

I just threw some pigments onto the tracks and roadwheels to give some dust.  I think that’s a bit overdone.  So there’s more to learn.

I like this model a lot and would recommend it.


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