Warlord Panzer IVH

Just off the painting table.  It came out ok, I think.


I don’t like the model very much.  You really can’t build it without the hull skirts.  It was designed to have them on.  There are three chunks of resin in the side where you put the mounting brackets for the side skirts and it would probably be impossible to take those off.  And then there is no depth to the roadwheels.  So it wouldn’t look very good even if you could take the mounting spots off.


Still mounting the side skirts is a pain.  You can see I didn’t do a great job with it, and it’s mounted on top of the paint.  If I did it again I’d do it differently I suspect – put the mounting brackets on the hull, paint everything, then mount the skirts and paint them.  Live and learn.

All that being said I think it turned out fairly well.  The decals are from a Peddinghaus sheet and the tank represents a Pz IV from Panzer Lehr.  And yes, if you see the photograph of the vehicle they just slapped the numbers over the cross on the back of the turret.  So, so did I.


I want to do some more Panzer IVs but I think I’ll wait for JTFM to make a version with zimmerit before I do any more.


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