Some Support for the Aufklarung

We’ll start out with a Pak 40.  It’s a Warlord model.  It’s ok.  Doesn’t come with enough crew for Chain of Command.  I’m not actually sure where the rest of the crew came from although I’m pretty sure I bought it recently.  Ugh.


I’d post the frontal shot but looking at it after photographing makes me realize I need to touch up around the eyes of a couple of the guys.  Eek.  For Chain of Command the AT guns need 5 crew and a leader.  I’ll have to get another guy somewhere for the crew.  And a leader.  I pulled this chap to be a leader but then realized he really belongs with my winter Germans.  Another project.



I’d post a picture, but WordPress seems to have stopped uploading pics.  Nice.  Maybe if I leave my computer for awhile and come back it will start working again.  But hey, it’s free (well, remember, when it’s free, YOU are the product).



Another easy support is the panzershreck.  These things are bad news in Chain of Command.  Basically any allied vehicle they touch is toast.  Excellent.  This is a warlord pair.  They are very nice figures.  And looks like they have plenty of ammo.

And they come in a pack with the flamethrower duet.  I love the way Warlord does these flamethrowers with the spout of flame coming out.  I have a Fallschirmjager version with the same thing.  I absolutely love it.



I’ll go ahead and hit publish.  Maybe the pics will come along later….


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