Auxilium Tencteri

More Early Imperial Romans from Aventine.  I love these figures.  I got these really a long time ago and they’ve been sitting on the table crying out to be painted.  I finally got to them.


I managed to get 15 figures on the stand.  It’s 120×60 I think.  I chose to go with the full unit on a stand for aesthetic reasons.  It looks nice.  If I’d planned a little better I might have managed 16 figs on the stand, but the guys with the skins use a fair amount of real estate.


I got this as a unit deal and it comes with two standard bearer types and a musician with skins.  Gorgeous figures.  All of the figures are gorgeous figures.

Here’s a close-up of my favorite – the officer.


He really should be on a stand by himself.  You can’t see all the detail on the armor all that well when he’s in among the rest of the guys.   But it’s a great figure.

The shields are LBMS transfers of course – makes doing these kind of armies easy.


I have completed and displayed earlier the Equites Singulares.  I have a cohort of legionaries who are now screaming for my attention.  Soon hopefully.


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