US Sherman Tanks

Models by JTFM/Die Waffenkammer.  These are beautiful models.  JTFM is my favorite maker of resin 1/56 vehicles.  High quality models professionally delivered.


I put together three of them.  That’s a nice group though I’m really tempted to do 2 more to have a 5 tank section.  Not that I know what I’d actually do with 5 tanks on the game table but it would be nice to have them!


I don’t think having all these vehicles will turn my favorite game,  Chain of Command, into a tank game but we might get these all on the table tomorrow!


And here are a few close-ups of one of the tanks.  I’m basically using Steven Zaloga’s techniques from his book on painting American armor.  It’s pretty straightforward really.  He has a nice OD formula with some suggestions on lightening it to get some effects on the model and then using washes for the dust effects.  It seems to be a fairly believable dusty Sherman technique.

IMG_3732 IMG_3733 IMG_3734

The decals are from a couple of sheets of decals from Warlord Games.  Those decals are extremely easy to use!  I love them.


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