Citadel Six War of the Roses Banners and Badges

I love them!

Here are a couple of stands of War of the Roses Men-at-arms.  Salisbury.  The figures are Perry plastic foot knights.


There are two standards there.  Hmmm, at this angle, end-on, you don’t see much of the second.  Drat.  And the men with tabards are wearing Salisbury’s livery with badges from Citadel Six also.


OK, you can see the banners better now.   The banners are decals.  They come on a big sheet.  For Salisbury you get his personal arms and a company standard (those are the two pictured here) and 4 livery standards.  I’ll show a pic of those in a few days when I finish basing the archers I’ve completed.

The badges are also decals.  You get a big sheet of decals with badges for the front and back of the livery coat.

I liked them a lot so ordered sets for two more nobles: Bourchier and Richard of York.  I guess that means I’m doing a WotR army also….

Here’s an example of what you get as it comes out of the package.  This is from Bourchier’s banner set.  You get a sheet with the banners:


If you notice the lower left livery banner got bent by the post office and the ink lifted off.  This isn’t really an issue, but I’ll come back to it in a bit when I talk about putting these together.  Also note that the left and right don’t go back to back on the sheet.  There is a reason for that.  Again, I’ll come back to that.

You get a package of brass wire.  This is handy, but you can also use these on Perry plastic standard bearers with plastic standard poles for example.


And you get a package with photo-etched brass standards to mount the decals on.  Here is at it arrives and then spread out so you can see them.

IMG_3886 IMG_3887

Tres cool!  So, what you do: you wrap those long fingers around your standard pole and glue them together with a tiny (really, you only need a little) bit of super glue.  The best way to do this I’ve found is to do the top and bottom.  You bend each around the pole, shape it a bit so the fingers go together nicely, then spread them apart and insert a tiny dab of super glue, and clamp them together until it sets.  It takes awhile for me.  Is that because of the brass?  Don’t know.   Then you can go back and do the same with the middle ones.  After the glue is thoroughly dry, shape the standard into the final shape you want it to be in.

After that I primed the photoetch brass along with the rest of the figure.  I painted the rest of the figure and then came back to the standard.  Remember that I recommended to shape the brass before painting.  I learned from my first one that if you apply the standard and then shape it, you can crack the standard and have the color lift off.  (You remember my photo of the bent standard at the top, that’s what happened).  This is not a big deal to fix, but if you shape the brass first, it’s very easy to slide the decal onto the standard and not have it crack.

The standards are waterslide transfers that work very well.  They separate from the paper easily and slide into place nicely.  I use microsol and microset to get them to lay down perfectly.  Then go back and touch up around the edges so the underlying brass isn’t visible, and voila!


You can see the livery badge on the back of the two tabarded figures in this pic.  These are a little more tricky to work with but are still awesome.  I had two issues with mine.  First, they don’t want to lay down on the figure when straight from the water.  This isn’t really an issue but it does require some care.  I paint the figure first then transfer the badge onto the figure.  It will be kind of standing up.  After letting it set for a little bit, I put a drop of micro-sol on the badge just from the end of the brush.  You may have to fiddle with the positioning a bit again if you’re not careful.  After a while the decal will start to lay down on the figure.  Usually a second drop of microsol will get it to lay down perfectly then.  Second, on the red part of the badge, some of the color around the edge lifted as I transferred it on to the figure.  I spoke to Geoff at Citadel Six about this and he sad that sometimes he’ll get a bad print result.  He offered to replace them but I didn’t think that was necessary as I’m painting around the edges anyway.  After it has set you paint up to the edges and blend it with the rest of the figure.

The results are fantastic!  I highly recommend these.  You can see the complete range for the War of the Roses here:  And he offers decals for other periods as well.  Check ’em out!


2 thoughts on “Citadel Six War of the Roses Banners and Badges

  1. Col Campbell

    From others comments about doing decals, you may need to have a gloss coat where the decal will go. The smooth finish of a gloss coat may help the decal lay flat. Then you can apply a matte sealer after everything is completely dry. But that’s not from personal experience, only what I’ve read from others’ comments.

    1. wssguy1706 Post author

      Yes, you definitely put a gloss coat down, apply the decal, and cover it with a dull coat. And in the case of Citadel Six, he recommends using acrylic sealers.


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