Salisbury’s Retinue

Here are the archers of Salisbury’s retinue.  6 stands of longbowmen made from Perry plastics, the War of the Roses set.


The livery badges, front and back, and the banners are all decals from Citadel Six.  In the pack you get two livery banners in each pattern, the gold wyvern and the green wings.

IMG_3901 IMG_3902

I’m loving the Perry plastics.  I do have a couple of critiques of this set in particular.  There aren’t enough swords to give all of the archers a sidearm.  I think they should probably all have one.  And there aren’t enough arrows stuck in the ground to have some in front of each archer.  You can remedy this by backing extra of the command sprues and I’ll do that in the future, but I was a little disappointed by that.

Cleaning up all the plastic figures is quite a bit of work.  I’ll do a post soon on how best to clean and assemble these guys.  They are easy to assemble but a real pain to clean the mould lines.


With the Citadel Six badges and banners these guys are going to look awesome once complete.  It’s very motivating.

And here is the whole of Salisbury’s contingent with the two stands of men-at-arms.  I plan to do several stands of men-at-arms with no banners to allow me to fill out battle groups as needed.  One does wonder how men in white armor determined who was on which side once the fight began.



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