Stalingrad Jump-off Points for Chain of Command


I picked these above grade sewer entrances up from Demo’s Laser-cut Designs:

I intend to use them as jump-off points for Chain of Command games in Stalingrad – for the Soviets obviously.  The figures are hacked up plastics from the Warlord Games plastic Soviets set.  I didn’t like the figures that much but they really are perfect for an application like this where you need to cut them down and position arms just so.

I’m not sure about the grass.  Tall grass often grows up around obstacles like this, but perhaps it’s overdone.  I would like to bend it a little as if blown by the wind but I’m not sure how to pull that off.  And I’d like to put a little variety of color onto it.  I tried dry-brushing some lighter paint on but that didn’t work so well.  I may mask the figures and hit the tops with my airbrush.  So I guess these are still works in progress.

I bought two sets as I intend to embed the others into the terrain boards I plan to build for Stalingrad.  They are really easy to put together.  The raised bit is two pieces.  After gluing them together I spread a little filler around the edges to help hide the join and give a more unfinished concrete kind of look to them.  And I primed them with a primer for wood before putting the basing material on to help prevent warping.  (I’m not sure that’s really a concern but I did it to be on the safe side).


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