Parthian cataphracts for sale

Update: I’ve sold the purple regular looking unit and the general went with it.  I’m offering the two remaining units at a reduced price of $60 per unit and I’ll pay postage in the US.

Here is some painted stuff I’m selling.  There are 36 Parthian cataphracts and 2 for a general stand. The figures are Old Glory 28mm. The figures on the general stand have both lost their weapon, and one has lost a hand as well.  I’ll just include that stand with whoever buys the first lot from this group.  They are all based on dbm sized bases.

I’ll sell them in groups of 12 for $120 or the whole lot for $350.  I’ll pay for postage anywhere in the US.

IMG_3912 IMG_3919

Let me see if these close-ups came out ok (and if I can pair them up).  I painted one group with purple everywhere to be a kind of royal guard group.

IMG_3913 IMG_3918

The other two groups are pretty irregular.  I didn’t pain them myself.

IMG_3914 IMG_3917

and this one

IMG_3915 IMG_3916


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