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Browning Figures – ick

I don’t know what happened here, but it’s pretty disappointing.  I painted these figures about a year ago and they came out really well.  I put them in the box and forgot about them.  At one point I pulled them out to show someone and they were fine.  I was looking at them again the other day, and, egads, how did they turn brown?

It’s more pronounced than in these photos, but take a look at this:

IMG_3931 IMG_3932

What could cause that?  I’m pretty sure I know in general, but not specifically and I have no idea why.  I’m pretty sure it’s some interaction between sealers but I’m not entirely positive.  I guess that I put a sealer on to put a final dull down on parts that were still shiny and that sealer reacted with what was already there.  But there are two mysteries: why this reaction?  and why wasn’t the reaction instantanious?  They were fine for some time and then turned brown later.

Here’s another one:

IMG_3933 IMG_3934

My guess is the only solution will be to paint over the browned area.

It looked like it only happened on top of the off white, so that’s something I guess….