Monthly Archives: August 2015

Marcus Aurelius

I’m looking forward to Sam Mustafa’s Aurelian rules later this year.  I have some legionaries in process that I hope to show here soon, painted by my good friend Joe.

This is a general stand I’ll use.  It’s from the Marcus Aurelius set by Aventine miniatures.  It’s anachornistic for the Aurelian era so I may get around to replacing it with an in-period general at some point, but for now, this is it.


I’m quite taken with both the Praetorian, and the standard bearer.  This picture shows off the standard bearer’s coat and the LBMS transfers for their shields.


Aventine really is best in class when it comes to 28mm ancients on the market today.

I keep experimenting with photographing figures, mostly unsuccessfully.  But here’s one on a white background I think.


And one sized for a link on the Steve Dean forum.