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Numidians and eastern javelinmen

A couple of simple additions.  Everyone needs Numidians right?  I ordered these figs a long, long time ago.  They are from Foundry, from the Mark Copplestone sculpts in the Caesarian Roman range.  They are nice figs, but I didn’t check them when I received them and several of the feet were miscast.  If you look you’ll see it but I guess people don’t pick up Numidians and say, “Wow!  Nice figs.”  So I doubt anyone will notice.  I either didn’t get shields for all of them or lost half the shields.  Hard to say.   But these guys picked up some shields from dead hoplites.  I decided to paint them as I think an early Byzantine army will need some Moors, and I hope to do one of those with figs coming from Aventine.  Anyway, here they are:

IMG_3997 IMG_3998

I probably spent more time on the bases than on painting the figs.  OK, I exaggerate.

But as I was working on bases for kind of arid climes, I decided to do up the bases on these Eastern javelinmen I completed long ago.  I think the figs are Old Glory, but I don’t know what range.  They are LI w/javelin in ADLG terms.  Way more than I will ever need for a game of that.

IMG_3995 IMG_3996