Venetian command stands

Here are the commanders for my Venetian army.  A mix of Ventflash Miniatures (er, Perry Miniatures) metals and plastics.


These can be the not-included commanders for ADLG, or command stands for any rulesset I suppose.  They are from left-to-right, Sigismondo Malatesta, a condottieri who would be the CnC, and two generic generals, the rightmost one part of a Venetian army, but the center one could be a general in any late medieval army.


The two figures on the center stand are from the Edward IV set from Perry Miniatures, so maybe I have a Yorkist WotR army in my future too?


The flags are from Pete’s flags in the UK (search on the UK ebay site for 28mm cloth flags).  They are printed on cloth, very nice, and very easy to use.  I highly recommend them.


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