Legio XV Appolinarus

I’ve started collecting forces in anticipation of Aurelian from Sam Mustafa.  Conveniently they can all also be used for ADLG which is the current rage here.  I’m doing legions facing East, guys that could have been involved in wars with the Sassanids.  Legio XV was stationed in what is today Turkey along the edge of the empire.


The figures are by A&A miniatures and the transfers are by LBMS.  Apollo was the emblem of Legio VX so I fancy the dude on the shield to be their representation of him.  These figures are relatively lighter than the rest of the legion figures I have, and I gave them javelins rather than pila, so they could be auxilia just as easily.


My friend Joe painted these for me.  He did a fantastic job, don’t you think?  I finished the bases.  Looks like I need to hit the shields with another coat of dullcote to get the sheen off the shields.


Joe has finished painting a bunch of other figures, I just haven’t done the basing yet.  But look to see those in the not too distant future.


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