Sassanid levy

IMG_4064I’ve been waiting for these for so long.  I’m happy to have some and moved them to the front position on the painting table as soon as I received them.

They are the Aventine Sassanid infantry, just released a few weeks ago.  Aventine is splendid to do business with.  I ordered them on a Saturday and they were here the following Friday.  I’m in the States and they are in the UK.  That’s pretty amazing.

The figs are nice too!


These are from the packs of unarmored Sassanid infantry with upright spears and the unarmored command pack.  The spears are from Northstar (available from Aventine).


They also make a packs of unarmored Sassanid infantry advancing and armored versions of both.

I’ll be using these immediately for ADLG and once I get a bunch more painted for Aurelian. In Aurelian you need 6 units of infantry like this (each unit will be a pair of these DBM sized stands so that’s quite a bit more to paint).

And here is a shot sized for the Steve Dean galleries.



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