Aventine Daylami

I’m using some of the Aventine Sassanid spearmen with Gripping Beast shields and LBMS transfers to make up a unit of Daylami.


These figures are awesome! These are the advancing poses with guys that look like they are marching off to war. Nicely done. The heads that come with these are different than the heads that come with the guys with the spear upright pack. I’m hoping to get a bunch more of these heads to put on the guys with the upright spears. I like these quite a bit.


Those LBMS transfers are the bomb!  There are a couple that I didn’t line up very well but I think I’ve done a good job of hiding the most egregious bits of that on the stand.  Anyone have good tips on lining up the LBMS transfers when there is no boss in the center?

So I’m not sure the guys at Aventine intended these figures for this use, but they are great.  I’m happy to finally have some infantry for my Sassanid army.



4 thoughts on “Aventine Daylami

  1. Keith Branagh

    When deciding on the infantry for the Sassanids we set out to make them as useful as possible, we have more heads planned and we will be selling the heads separately soon. As to getting the heads you want with the figures just ask and we will do what we can. Cheers Keith, Aventine Miniatures, PS Happy New year

  2. Keith Branagh

    Yep nicely done, we made them as useful as possible and will release more heads this month(should be able to sell the head sets soon as well). If you want particular heads for the packs just ask and we will try and sort it. Keith Aventine.


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