Kallistra Lakes


I picked up some non-hex terrain features from Kallistra (website).  I picked up the brown crater set and the brown lake set and intend to finish them myself.  You can get them that are already flocked and those do look nice, but I was hoping to make them fit in better with what I already have.  I’ve finished the two smaller lakes for use in our ancients gaming.  I don’t think I’ll have much use for impassable terrain, but someone might want some, and it looks better than naked felt.  Here they are.



They are cast plastic in brown which is a perfect source material for what I wanted to make.  I finished them by doing a few steps.  First, I painted what would become the deepest part of the ponds black, then painted around the edges with khaki drab (I used Tamiya paints through my airbrush, but I imagine brushed on would look fine).  I then covered the edges with ballast and painted that with cel-vinyl wood grey and highlighted with Foundry Canvas A and base sand B.  That’s what I use for all my non-desert bases and that combination blends pretty well with my gaming mat (from the non sadly non longer available Terrain Guy).  I then filled the water part of the pond with Woodland Scenics realistic water (that’s a great product and very easy to use).  In the pic on the right I did not let it go up on the gravel and on the one on the left I let it do that.  I prefer the one on the right in terms of overall look.  Finally I put a flock mix from the terrain guy (he sent me a container of it way back when and while it’s supposed to blend with his terrain mat I think it’s a bit too dark green).

I’m very pleased with the final result.

I also have the crater sets which will be great for no-man’s land in WW1 games.  I’ll give them the same treatment, but they are quite a bit larger so it will take me awhile.

I live in the US and bought direct from Kallistra and they are great to do business with.  Highly recommended.



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